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Math 6 Unit 1

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Math 6 Unit 1 - Illustrative Mathematics Online Resources


Grade 6 Illustrative Mathematics – Unit 1: Area and Surface Area

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Lesson Topic

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Class Notes

Lesson Summary & Homework Help

1 – Tiling the Plane

Lesson 1




6.1.1 Morgan

2 – Finding Area by Decomposing and Rearranging

Lesson 2




6.1.2 Morgan

3 – Reasoning to Find Area

Lesson 3

Finding Area by Rearranging Parts



6.1.3 Morgan

4 – Parallelograms

Lesson 4




6.1.4 Morgan

5 – Bases and Heights of Parallelograms

Lesson 5


Area of Parallelograms


6.1.5 Morgan

6 – Area of Parallelograms

Lesson 6

Area of a Parallelogram


Finding Height of a Parallelogram

Area of Parallelograms


Find the Missing Length When Given Area of a Parallelogram


6.1.6 Morgan

7 – From Parallelograms to Triangles

Lesson 7




 6.1.7 Morgan

8 – Area of Triangles

Lesson 8


Area of Triangles


 6.1.8 Morgan

9 – Formula for the Area of a Triangle

Lesson 9

Area of a Triangle


Finding Area of Triangles


Triangle Missing Side Example

Find Base and Height on a Triangle


Area of Right Triangles


Area of Triangles


Find Missing Length When Given area of a Triangle


Quiz 2


 6.1.9 Morgan

10 – Bases and Heights of Triangles

Lesson 10




 6.1.10 Morgan

11 – Polygons

Lesson 11

Area of Composite Shapes

Area of Composite Shapes


 6.1.11 Morgan

12 – What is Surface Area?

Lesson 12

Surface Area of a Box (Cuboid)



 6.1.12 Morgan

13 – Polyhedra

Lesson 13

Counting Faces and Edges of 3D Shapes


Recognizing Common 3D Shapes


Intro to Nets of Polyhedra

Identify Parts of 3D Shapes


Identify Geometric Solids (3D Shapes)


Nets of Polyhedra


 6.1.13 Morgan

14 – Nets and Surface Area

Lesson 14

Surface Area Using a Net: Triangular Prism

Surface Area Using Nets


 6.1.14 Morgan

15 – More Nets, More Surface Area

Lesson 15

Surface Area of a Box Using Nets


Surface Area Word Problem Example

Find Surface Area by Adding Areas of Faces


Surface Area Review


Surface Area


Surface Area Word Problems


Quiz 3


 6.1.15 Morgan

16 – Distinguishing Between Surface Area and Volume

Lesson 16




 6.1.16 Morgan

17 – Squares and Cubes

Lesson 17


Squaring Numbers


 6.1.17 Morgan

18 – Surface Area of a Cube

Lesson 18

Evaluating Expressions with Variables: Cubes



 6.1.18 Morgan

19 – Designing a Tent

Lesson 19





Unit 1 Review



Khan Academy Unit 1 Test



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