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School Clubs

“As part of its educational mission for students, Clovis Unified School District allows both curriculum and non-curriculum related student clubs to meet at school during non-instructional hours (e.g., before classes begin, during lunch period, club schedule, after classes end). The Governing Board believes that curriculum and non-curriculum-related student organizations can have an important place in students’ lives. Besides extending and reinforcing the instructional program, such groups can give students practice in democratic self-government and civil social discourse, as well as providing social, intellectual, and recreational opportunities.

Non-curriculum-related student clubs and the viewpoints and speech expressed at meeting of such clubs do not necessarily reflect the views of the Clovis Unified School District or the Board of Education.

Who can join a club?

If eligible under applicable District eligibility standards, your student will have the opportunity to join one or more such clubs and to attend and participate in the meetings of any club that he or she joins. However, you have the right to inform the school in writing of any particular student club in which you do not wish your student to participate.  Consent to participate will be presumed without written notice to the contrary.” (Policy 2505)

Alta Sierra Club Information

Every student is encouraged to join a club at Alta Sierra.  Listed below are the clubs that students have shown interest in at this time.  Students wishing to begin a new club MUST DO THE FOLLOWING  1) Contact Mrs. Martin and get approval for the club,  2)  have at least 25 other students that are interested in this club and have a list of ASI students who will commit to the club   3)  find a staff member who is willing to be the club advisor.




Act of Kindness Club

Want to start a chain reaction?  Then be willing to pay it forward with acts of kindness!  We work to help make our school and community a better place through acts of kindness!

Anime & Manga

Come and draw the Japanese version of comics and animation.

Arts and Crafts

Do you enjoy drawing and making things with your hands? Come and join us! 


This club promotes a better understanding of Asian cultures and what it has to offer all of us.  All students are welcome and encouraged to join.


The Baking Club is for anyone who enjoys creating and eating cookies and confections.  Our group will share recipes, baking techniques, and yummy treats

No actual baking will take place during clubs meetings

Board Game

Board games and card games anyone? .  Challenge your friend to a brain game! We have, Scrabble, Headbands, Sorry! and many more games to choose from. Join the Board Games Club.


For those who enjoy baseball


For those who enjoy playing basketball

Chess and Checkers

Enjoy the challenge of out thinking your opponent?

If you are competitive and enjoy head to head competition, this is the club for you.


This club works in small groups playing improv games.

F. C. A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

F.C.A. has fun in fellowship.   You do not have to be an athlete to join.


For those who enjoy watching football

Karaoke Club

For those who love singing Karaoke

Knit and Crochet

Do you knit or crochet?  Do you want to learn?  Would you like to make your own scarves, bracelets, purses, and more?  Then come join the Knit and Crochet Club.  Beginners and experienced knitters are both welcome.


Come and build your own world in Mine Craft on your own computer.

Off-Road Sports

Off-road Sports is a place to talk, watch, and learn about the many different kinds of offroading. This includes and is not limited to MX, Quads, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, and anything else with a motor. We will encounter ride preparations, gear management, and good land use practices. It is open to all, tread lightly.


This club is for any students interested in taking pictures, as well as sharing different techniques to take a regular photograph and make it phenomenal!  

Read and Feed

Nothing’s better than settling down with a good book and a yummy snack! Come join the READ AND FEED CLUB and enjoy a quiet place to read your latest find surrounded by other book lovers!


The science-fiction movie genre is as expansive as the galaxy. Do you love SCI-Movies such as TheHobbit, Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings or Marvel?  Come watch and discuss some of your favorites! Parent permission required for all movies and no movies above a PG-13 will be viewed.


The purpose of this club is for members to share in the enjoyment of Soccer

Spike Ball

The purpose of this club is for members to share in the enjoyment of Spikeball

Sports Bloopers

A look at mistakes in the world of sports. Funny, Silly, Scary and how did that happen. Watch on video and the internet.


The talent club is a place for students to share their talents. Including singing, drawing, dancing, playing an instrument, or any special skills. If a club member does not have a special talent, this club allows them to try something new.

Technology Apps


We will look at new emerging technology and share our favorite apps. We will look into apps that will make life at and away from school much easier. We will also be looking into free online programs that will not only enhance ways to produce classroom presentations, but also programs that are fun to use.


For those who love the game of Volleyball and want to play.

Washer Club

For those  who love the game of washers and want to play.

Water Polo

Interested in watching international level athletes? Want to work on your throw? Then this is the club for you!


For those who love wrestling.

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