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CUSD Technology Help

Don't see what you're looking for on this page? Check out the CUSD Technology Help page: https://www.cusd.com/TechnologyHelpforStudents.aspx 

Student Password Reset

We understand the difficulty when you are at home with your child and are unable to access her/his digital resources because of a forgotten password. 
Our technology department developed a portal where you are able to reset your child's password.  


I don't know my student's ID number. How do I find it?

Ask your parent/guardian to log into ParentConnection . Once s/he is logged in have them select you (since you need the number). Once your parent selects your name, they click on 'demographics information.' The nine digit local ID number is your student ID number.

What is my student login information?

Your Clovis Unified student login starts with your first name, last name, and a series of numbers (usually 001 or 002...it could be higher). Example: If your name was Charlie Brown and you were the only Charlie Brown in the district your email address would be charliebrown001.
Your password is one you created at school.  If you don't remember your password, then scroll up and click the link to reset your password.

What is my CUSD student email address?

Your Clovis Unified student email address starts with your first name, last name, and a series of numbers (usually 001 or 002...it could be higher) followed by @cusdstudent.com.  So, for example if your name was Charlie Brown and you were the only Charlie Brown in the district your email address would be [email protected].

Issues with multiple students are using Clever on one computer at home

Here are a few trouble shooting tips:

1.  Be sure to log the first student out of CLEVER

2. Close the browser and reopen it

3.  Try a different browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox)

4.  If you are using Chrome and the first child is logged into Chrome have her/him sign out of Chrome

5.  Use an Incognito or Private window to log into CLEVER
(if the extension isn't installed in this window some automatic logins through CLEVER may not work properly) 

Clever is not automatically logging my student into every application

There are many apps that are accessible through CLEVER.  CLEVER will automatically log your student into selected applications.  Some do not, and may require you to enter their username and password the first time and will save it for future use.  Others are only links to an application where you are required to log in each time.  
Applications CLEVER should automatically log your student into are Illuminate, Student Connect, Google, and others.  If this is not working for your child be sure the CLEVER extension is installed. 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom will ONLY work with the @cusdstudent.com email. Parents cannot sign on and students cannot use personal email addresses to access Google Classroom. Be sure that the device you are using is not defaulting to a personal gmail account and that you are using your @cusdstudent.com email.  
If you are still having problems, double check and make sure the Google Classroom code is correct (sometimes an o looks like a zero or an i looks like and L). 
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