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Elective course offerings are subject to change based on student enrollment and space availability. 

Application Electives

These electives require the completion of an online application in addition to selecting them in Student Connect during registration. Students may only apply to two application electives, and must choose a third general elective during course selection on Student Connect.

AVID or Advancement Via Individual Determination / Mrs. Everson, Ms. Andrew, and Mrs. Reynolds: AVID is a seventh through twelfth grade program that prepares eligible students for admission to a four-year college or university. The AVID elective supports students as they challenge themselves in more rigorous classes by teaching study skills, note taking, time management, writing and research skills.

Broadcasting / Mr. DownerBroadcasting introduces students to basic audio and video technique, equipment, theory, and operation. Students will produce bimonthly video announcements, PSAs, documentaries, and videos for school events. Students are also encouraged to enter their work into local film festivals. 

Collaborative Mentoring / Mrs. Zunich and Ms. Bishop: This course is for the General Education student who desires to help and mentor others who have special needs. Mentor students will work one-on-one with a Special Education student in elective courses. Mentors will develop leadership skills, learn problem solving skills, and behavior management techniques.

Leadership / Mrs. Martin: Leadership students participate in the planning and execution of a variety of campus activities, such as setting up dances, rallies, and other school functions. Leadership students also support their peers through new student tours and activities, and participate in community service outside the school day.

Peer Counseling / Mrs. GabrielPeer counseling is a program in which students are trained to help fellow intermediate students with problems faced in everyday life. The goal is not to give advice, but to guide others to develop their own solutions to problem situations. Students will also work on developing leadership skills. 

Yearbook / Mrs. Milhous: This course is open to students who are interested in working on the school yearbook. Students develop skills in layout design, story writing, editing, proofreading, advertising, marketing, and production experience. Computer and camera knowledge is helpful.

Yearlong General Electives

These elective courses are open to all students interested in taking a full-year elective. 

Strength and Weight Training / Mr. Cypher: Strength and Weight training allows students an opportunity to learn and participate in strength training to improve their fitness. Students in this course participate in activities aimed at improving fitness and endurance.

Total Body Fitness / Mrs. Balch: This course teaches a variety of fitness activities designed to help students achieve a well-rounded knowledge about fitness. This course includes a variety of cardiovascular activities, high intensity interval training, flexibility training, mindfulness training, as well as nutritional education.

Semester-long Electives

If you choose one or two semester-long electives as one of your three choices during registration, your second semester elective will be any one of the three other semester-long electives we offer. If you do not like one or more of the semester-long electives, it is highly encouraged you only select yearlong elective courses during registration. 

Art / Ms. BishopArt is a one-semester course where students will learn about design through the use of paper, glue, clay, wire, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, and other mediums. Students will also explore the historical and cultural influences present in artwork.

Beginning Drama / Mr. Estep: This is a one-semester introductory course to theater. Students will learn basic theater concepts and stage terms and be introduced to various performance techniques through interactive games and lessons. 

Exploring Technology / Mr. Inouye: Students will cover many aspects of technology through hands-on, project-based learning in this one-semester course. Students will have the opportunity to build, program, and operate ROBOTS. In addition to the robotics component, students will learn about computer applications, create movies, and build circuit boards.

Teen Living / Mrs. ZunichTeen living is a hands-on one-semester course introducing the main home economic areas. Units of study include nutrition, food preparation, self-esteem development, decision-making, money management, job skills, and clothing care.

8th Grade Only Electives

Only 8th grade students are eligible to select these courses during registration. 

Academic Assistant aka TA: Students enrolled in this course are assigned to a classroom teacher, administrative office, or the library media center. Course work includes helping other students in various content areas and assisting in clerical tasks such as filing or using the computer. 

Advanced Drama / Mr. Estep: Advanced Drama is open to 8th grade students who completed Intermediate Drama in 7th grade. Advanced Drama students will be required to perform in production with their class. Students will also complete projects using theater techniques such as: documentaries, silent films, and scene work.

Advanced Art / Ms. Bishop: Advanced Art is open to 8th grade students who completed Art in 7th grade and have the recommendation of their teacher. In this course, students will explore more advanced drawing and painting techniques. Students will also study art as a form of communication and expression, learn and use the principles of art and design, and explore the role of artists throughout history. 

Spanish 1 / BHS Teacher Mr. Trotter: Spanish 1 is an introductory elective to the Spanish language. Vocabulary and grammar will be taught through speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students will learn about Hispanic culture and its influence throughout the world. Students who complete this course with an 85% or higher and are passing AB, Math, and Science with A’s and B’s can take Spanish II as a 9th grader. 

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