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SCHOOL SITE:  Alta Sierra Intermediate School




DATE of PLAN:  October 30, 2018

Steve Pagani

Marcy Zunich

                 Administrator’s Signature                             Site Coordinator’s Signature

Identify how your site will determine which students to consider for GATE certification.

All children are eligible for the nomination process regardless of socio-economic, linguistic or cultural background, and/or disabilities.  Evidence from multiple sources will be used in the referral process.  These include:  SBAC testing results; teacher recommendations based on high achievement, gifted characteristics scale, Renzulli Hartman Scale; and parent/teacher recommendation. 


High Achievement

High Achievement:  SBAC minimum cut score of 95th percentile in both ELA and Math.

?      95 percentile or higher in ELA

?      95 percentile or higher in Math

Specific Academic Ability

Specific Academic Ability:  95 percentile on the SBAC assessment in a single subject area.

List any additional criteria that will be required at your school for the school year to certify GATE students.  This would include any criteria that are above the District minimum qualifying scores in the High Achievement and Specific Academic Ability categories. NA

Identify & Describe: How will your site assess the needs of the GATE students at your school.

?Student survey

?Teacher survey

X Collaboration with teachers

?Site Academic Counselors

X Testing results by subject area

?Discussions at staff meetings

X Results of SART and GATE survey


Describe each assessment: SBAC for Language Arts, Math and Science

Explain what you will do with the assessed data to meet students’ needs: Students are placed in honors academic courses for Science and Math.  They are encouraged to participate in some of the academic teams such as:  History Day, Robotics, Destination Imagination, etc..


Briefly describe your site’s overall plan for providing services to GATE students. 


In the classroom teachers will provide differentiated and accelerated instruction with opportunities for practice in small groups during lessons and activitiesGATE students will extend the instruction and practice through choices of assignments/projects.  The classroom teacher will monitor the differentiation to ensure that students are being challenged, and their academic needs are being met. 

Co-Curricular opportunities for socialization and project-based curriculum will be addressed through Destination Imagination, Robotics, and Science Olympiad participation,  History Day and culminating activities, presentations and field trip related projects completed in heterogeneous groups with students in the regular classroom.  Students will also have the opportunity to visit a university trip offered in February. 

Honors/Advanced Placement classes are offered to GATE students that include an accelerated curriculum and a variety of teaching and learning strategies geared toward developing depth, complexity, novelty, and acceleration of academic skills for the 21st Century learner, large and small groups, teacher and student directed activities, and independent study.

These differentiated experiences will focus primarily on depth and complexity of content, advancement or acceleration of pacing and the content, and novelty of each student’s ability.

Site GATE Coordinator will provide staff development to teachers to build capacity to differentiate instruction appropriately for gifted students.  On a quarterly basis the Site GATE Coordinator will collect documentation and examples of differentiated instruction from teachers at the site.  These examples may include the subject areas of English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies/Geography, and Science. 

Work samples collected from classroom teachers could include: homework, assignments, projects, student work samples, lesson samples, etc. 


Identify the type of articulation your site plans to use between the GATE program and other programs and grade levels at your school?  

The Site GATE Coordinator and staff will collaborate share instructional strategies and curriculum that blends standards across content areas and moves gifted students’ learning forward in the regular classroom setting. 

Regular meetings on an annual basis to discuss the alignment of GATE Standards to the California State Standards across all academic subjects to ensure that learning opportunities are embedded in class instruction to enhance the overall performance of gifted students on annual statewide tests.

Various differentiated curriculum resources will be disseminated to teachers to support the differentiated instruction for gifted students in all classrooms at the school site.  This is embedded in our daily curriculum.

Email communication from the Site GATE Coordinator to other teachers and site administrators to help build teacher capacity to differentiate instruction for GATE students

Site GATE Coordinator will provide in-services for general education teachers on strategies to differentiate instruction as well as how to document differentiation on Unit Plans Describe how your GATE program increases depth and complexity of content or accelerates learning in the core content areas

?Resources to provide differentiated curriculum models are used by teachers:

?Differentiated use of technology tools are used to provide greater depth and breadth of learning for students.  All Academic Block classes are currently using laptops in the classroom.  Science and Math courses are adding the use of laptop/chromebook  technology into the instruction.       

?Integration of Speaking and Listening, Language, Literacy (Reading & Writing), and Technology standards are embedded in curricular units across the curriculum and in all courses.      

?Within the classroom, GATE students are offered numerous opportunities to experience accelerated curriculum within their area(s) of strength.  This is done through compacted curriculum, independent studies, study contracts, etc.  State adopted textbooks, along with a variety of additional resources as tools for meeting the needs of GATE students          

?Students are encouraged to seek new interests and utilize unique talents through participation in co-curricular activities such as student council, oral interpretation, drama, destination imagination, band, choir, math team, science fair, science olympiad, robotics, history day and technology instruction.      


What is your plan for evaluating various components of your GATE program?  What if any surveys (parent, student) do you use?


?GATE students will be monitored through enrollment in Honors and AP courses compared

     to GATE students enrolled in parallel regular classes.

?Performance on State Tests will be monitored to determine how well GATE students are 

    making progress on California State Standards.

?Site GATE Coordinator will create a site webpage to communicate with parents of

     on-going opportunities for GATE students at the school.

What are your plans for ensuring continuous parent participation in the planning and evaluation or your program?  How do you keep parents informed of your program?  How often do you communicate with your GATE parents?


Parent Participation

?School GATE webpage

Each school hosts a culminating event for parents in the spring.  It can be held in conjunction with Open House or some other program at the school.  Please describe your plans for this event.

Title and Month of Event: Portfolio Day (May)


Students will create a portfolio which will include a resume, reflections and a copy of each item they will present.  The students will make a presentation to a panel which will include a member of the community, as well as, their peers.  Students are required to provide evidence of their growth over the course of their 7th and 8th grade years in all academic subjects.  Included in their portfolio are examples of co-curricular participation and community organizations they were involved in.

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