Alta ASB/Activities

Collage of leadership activities


Clovis Unified School District recognizes the important part co-curricular activities plays in rounding out a student's education. To achieve excellence and success in something outside the classroom gives students an added dimension of cooperation, well-being, and self-esteem.

Students:  I urge you to become involved in co-curricular activities.  Get involved in your area of interest.

Parents and Guardians:  Please encourage your child to participate. There is an activity appropriate for everyone and with your encouragement and support, your child will have an enjoyable and productive experience. You are always welcome at games and activities, as students value your interest and support.

Good luck in your endeavors,

Connie Naegle-Martin, Alta Sierra Activities Director



All students must have a current year school ID with them during school and school-sponsored events. 

Replacement ID cards are printed in the ASI front office before school, during lunch, and after school for a fee of $5.00, payable to Clovis Unified School District.